Ipsy GenBeauty 2018

My sister invited me to last year’s GenBeauty last minute and I had a lot of fun in just a few short hours so of course I was interested in checking it out again this year.

We brunched at Bluebird London at Columbus Circle that morning with a gorgeous view before heading over to the convention. I’m usually only passing by this area quickly so it’s a new location for me to adventure in. There are a lot of nice shops that I would love to take more time to browse one day next time I’m around the area. The service at brunch was good, the waiter was super cute and the food was delicious. The girls even wear Ted Baker dresses as their uniforms, how snazzy! Unfortunately we didn’t make it to their tea service since it’s only served certain days and certain times so I guess we’ll be returning for the gram for that pastry tower. If you’re lucky enough to get a window seat, it’s really something. It actually reminds me a little bit of my time in Paris. Oh, how I miss Paris! I still have yet to find time to blog about that for you guys too.

I basically lived at the Javits for the past 3 weekends it seems. It’s where all the conventions are held due to its abundance of space for vendors and set up of booths and content. The perks of this con is all the free products you swipe at each booth by simply scanning your badge. You learn about new indie brands and their products and get to test them out. You’re not obligated or pressured to buy anything since they bring limited product with them anyway. And the booths that do sell their products, sell at some pretty nice discounts compared to their retail prices. Meanwhile a lot of the free products you get are decently sized, if not full sized! For example, I stopped by the Wen booth because I just wanted to snap a pic on their floral swings but they ended up filling my bag with full sized hair products. I didn’t expect this so that was a pretty nice bonus. It’s really nice to get free products because it's a nice way to test out new products and new brands without having to feel like you wasted your money if it doesn’t turn out a winner. You also get to discover new brands this way that you might end up falling in love with, that you would’ve never heard of otherwise. This con is basically like a Costco buffet, but for makeup. You go from booth to booth just getting samples of new products. Not a bad deal if you ask me. If you like trying new products and learning about new indie brands as they hit the market, this is definitely a con for you. Or even if you don’t, if you love taking cute photos with Instagrammable backgrounds, this con is also the con for you. There were a lot of cute photo opportunities but unfortunately I didn’t get to do them all due to the time constraints and long waits towards the end of the day so I don’t have all the photo ops you could do pictured, but hopefully next year I can attend on a Saturday for full coverage of the event for once.

My sister also eyed the MAC booth and saw they had these shirtless muscle guys chilling in the middle to promote their brand and obviously try to get girls to flock over cause duh, eye candy. Except that’s not what she saw, hahaha. She dared me to go over and flex with them to make them feel small. I can’t resist a challenge so I walked over after we finished with the Wen booth and shut those boys down. They thought I was going to hit them with the hand on hip pose but I had my guns ready to go. They were like “SHEEEET. THIS GIRL DON’T PLAY.” #dead.

Towards the end of the convention at closing time, some booths started giving away a lot of their goods. They started throwing them into the crowds causing hordes of girls to run over and trample each other just to score some freebies. It was crazy. Mayhem ensued. I got hit in the head with makeup, hahaha!

We ended the day with Ichiran ramen and Sweet Gloria honey ice cream even though I’m not at goal yet for my weight loss but I’m still meeting all my targets so far so a little cheat was okay. I had a sample of Ichiran at Japan Fest over the summer and it was delicious so I was looking for an opportunity to try the full bowl of ramen with all its fixings. And it didn’t disappoint. Ichiran was so good I drank all the soup! I stumbled upon Sweet Gloria last week and man I’ve been craving honey ice cream all week so I had to go back. It’s so delicious. It’s a small and simple ice cream shop but so good! All in all, it was a nice weekend and a beautiful day with my girls.

RuPaul's Dragcon NYC 2018

Last year I attended Rupaul’s Dragcon on a Sunday, it’s last day. This year I attended on it’s first day. Friday was the preview night and open from 4-8pm.

I got there early since I had lunch at Drunken Dumpling earlier. I’ve also been meaning to stop by and try their giant soup dumpling for some time and finally got around to it. In my opinion, I found their other dumplings much better than the giant soup dumpling but I still had to get it and try it for myself. It was delicious but I see now why you should enjoy things in its smaller, original forms. The proportions of the regular soup dumpling is evenly paired with the soup, pastry lining and meat inside. The giant soup dumpling ended up being too much and hard to eat. But it was fun to have and share and cute for photos. I would definitely go back for more dumplings as their pink shrimp dumplings were really good and their original sized soup dumplings are amazing too. I’m glad I went by their recommendations when ordering.

After lunch, we visited the Museum of Broken Windows exhibit. It’s a small and temporary exhibit only running this past week to showcase the ineffectiveness of broken window policing and how detrimental it has been, and how it has actually cost more lives than it was thought to have saved. It was really sad to view and read about all the things that happened to people. One part of the exhibit had names hanging from the ceiling of people who have been killed by the police due to these policies, basically a “snippet” of their profile/police report. This exhibit should honestly run for more than a week so that more people can come view it.

After that, we finally shantayed our way over the convention since opening time was at 4pm. We got there early, grabbed our wristbands and waited about 10 minutes in line before the rope drop and we ran right in.

First stop was the Sugarpill booth as I wanted to snatch up the new launches they released earlier this month. I couldn’t help myself. I grabbed pretty much everything. Sugarpill is an indie brand I discovered in college and I’ve loved them since. They were one of the few makeup companies that delivered on its products when it came to the brightness and accuracy of its swatches. The quality is there and they deliver. I’m also bias because its founder is a cute Vietnamese girl from California. She’s what I picture myself as if I had grown up on the West Coast and been allowed to follow my dreams and creative side more, instead of being a sensible East Coast Asian. Her achievements since beginning her brand have been remarkable. I’m so happy for the brand and I love seeing them each time they visit New York. This time, they brought so many of their recent new launches and I scooped basically all of them up. Their matte and sparkle liquid lipsticks are the best I’ve ever seen. The formula is so easy to apply and wear and sparkly. Barbara, the new limited edition color from the Oh Honey! Trixie Mattel collection is my new favorite. It’s the perfect Barbie hue with the right amount of sparkle. I really hope they make it permanent and sold separately from the kit.

My second must-do stop for the day was Elektra Cosmetics. I discovered them last year at Dragcon and I swear, I don’t know how I lived without them in my life before. If you follow me on my Instagram, you know I LIVE for the days off from work where I wear glitter like its my job. Casual glitter is a thing. What happened last year at Dragcon, was that I was walking about with my friends and saw this booth that caught my booth but didn’t want to stop because my friends were moving forward. When we split for a bit and did our own thing, I went back to the booth with my sister to see what the sparkly hubbub was about. There were jars and jars of glitter and a huge selfie ring light for taking gorgeous selfies. What I like about their product is how easy it is to apply on and that it stays in place and on all day. I’ve worn it literally day everywhere. On trips to Paris, in the Bahamas, to work, out with friends, everywhere. Well, I dabbed some on my cheeks that day and was sold. And I haven’t looked back. I started with two jars of their bolt balm originally. And then it grew from there over time as they came out with more colors and I decided I needed more in my life. Eventually I will probably own every single color in the collection. I can’t say enough about them either. They simply have the best customer service for an indie company and are really engaging with their customers, which I appreciate a lot from small companies. They take note of everything and they really take care of you. So naturally, I was really excited to see them again this year. And they did not disappoint. They brought ALL of their new colors and hooked me up! I even got a new microfine glitter to take home and try. I’ve never experimented with loose glitter before for eyeshadow for fear of getting in my eyes or making a mess because loose glitter, but they made it look so easy and even gave me the transformer glue so I could play around and work on it. I’m excited to see if I can master the art of loose microfine glitter as eyeshadow. Although this may be a dangerous path I’m walking down too. Anyways, I went home with many more jars of glitter than I’d like to admit to, to my evergrowing collection.

The rest of my day at Dragcon was browsing the rest of the booths and what they had to offer. There were so many things to see! Beautiful custom made wares - crowns, tiaras, unique sunglasses, latex clothing, plastic drippy pieces, art, fans, makeup, etc. I love the different booths here that I don’t see at a comic and pop culture convention.

Anastasia Beverly Hills even had their own booth giving out free makeovers and a HUGE beautiful photobooth that made you look like a literal queen as you stand on a pedestal and they take professional photos of you and email it to you immediately. This was also another one of my favorite experiences here.

I fell in love with a beret that I had saw @thedisneylandprincess wearing earlier in the year and lo and behold the vendor Sunshine by Hester was at Dragcon! You know I scooped that right up. It’s such a cute and perfect beret for Valentine’s as well as a cute piece to wear to Disney later this month. I can wear it with my Minnie Mouse outfit for my Epcot day since it would look so cute in France. I hope she re-releases the pink and the white berets too because those are super cute too. My sisters got cute berets that each matched their own personal styles too so I’m excited to wear them together next time my family goes on vacation together.

Another thing to note of the convention is the energy here. It’s a different energy I get from NYCC. It’s a lot of fun and very uplifting. Everyone is really nice and polite, but still sassy and funny. Even the bathroom atmosphere is really funny with the bathrooms being gender neutral. I was actually stuck in the bathroom for a while due to a hair incident from one of the booths (which I’ll keep quiet for now until resolved), but the people in the bathroom were really nice and polite while I had taken up an entire counter and some extra space to try and fix what had happened to my hair. I watched a guy accidentally walk into a stall that a girl was in and he was so upset about accidentally walking in on her, he basically started crying! He was like “I promise I didn’t see anything, I don’t want to look! TRUST ME HONEY THIS MORE SCARRING FOR ME THAN IT IS FOR YOU! I can’t with these bathrooms!” Hahaha! He was so embarassed but everyone else played it cool and was super nice.

After the convention, I grabbed dinner with my sisters real quick and headed down to the financial district to shoot with a friend for some quick photos before heading home. After eating and being in my Harley costume all day, I expected to look a little bloated and not up to par, especially since one of my food choices was dumplings. But I held back on getting ice cream with my sisters and for dinner, I got a healthy dish of grilled salmon instead of pasta so that helped because I still looked pretty good in my Harley suit in my photos. Jason Laboy isn’t heavy on the photoshop so my body isn’t altered at all in the photos he took, so I’m pretty proud that my body held up nicely after all I did all day. I’m really happy with how they came out and how my body looks in the Harley suit, finally doing Harley some justice in all her lean but curvy glory. You can also view the full set of photos here.

I’m really glad the gym and diet combo is working and my results are shining through after 4 weeks of not having ice cream, fries or any of my favorite foods. Update on my fall goals is that I’m currently at 108 lbs. I have 3 lbs left to lose before I leave for my vacation in another 4 weeks and I’m really hoping to crush it and get there sooner. I’m not progressing at the rate I would like to be at admittedly, but I forget how much of a waiting game this and that I have to be patient. It’s a marathon, not a sprint. The results will come as long as you are consistent, dedicated and focused. I am worried about NYCC though. It’s going to be definitely hard to stay on track while in the city for 4 days so hopefully I don’t do too much damage. I made it this far though, right?

Anyways, in conclusion, Dragcon was a blast for even the few short hours I was there and the small mishap that occured. I would definitely try to go again next year and hopefully it gets even bigger with more vendors and more new wares to discover! Until then, I’ll sashay away until they come back next year.