New York Magic Lab

New York Magic Lab is a new magic themed Instagrammable pop-up. Similar to most pop-ups, it has a ball pit, multiple backdrops, neon signs with a cute cheesy quote, and tons of props. There are a total of 12 different backdrops in 5 different rooms for you to take photos in. 

The space itself is actually very small compared to bigger named pop-ups like MOIC and Candytopia. It’s similar to the Egg House in terms of space and setup; there’s an open room upon entering the front door with multiple backdrops in the same room, with 2 rooms past a curtained wall, and a few more rooms downstairs. They make pretty efficient use of all the space in each area though to provide nice backdrops for all your Instagrammable needs. More space doesn't always mean better quality and experience as evidenced by Candytopia, which was spacious but a big letdown for what it was hyped up to be.

 I stopped by to check it out last Friday before NYCC, first thing in the morning, since weekdays are less crowded and best during opening hours for the best photos without having to be feel rushed because of other guests behind me. I found this to work very well since I always feel terribly strapped for time and end up annoyed when the photos don't come out to my liking at pop-ups. I might start doing this more as scheduling permits for future pop-ups. I just hate waking up early and traveling out from Long Island takes a while...but for the gram, hahaha!

The staff was so nice and so sweet as I took my time looking around and exploring. Checking in was easy and everyone was very patient with us, making us feel very welcome and free to take as much time as we needed. I appreciated this a lot, considering how many pop-ups I attended this year. Sometimes a smaller exhibit is better because similar to indie businesses, they are more attentive and concerned with customer service and your overall experience. They also take into account how they can improve your experience and work towards it.

I do have to note that the ticket price varies, like most pop-ups, whether you attend during a weekday vs weekend, as well as if you attend in the evening when a magician is present to perform. My sole purpose was simply for the gram so if you only need to take cute photos, I'd recommend a weekday during the day for cheaper admission as well as more space and time to take photos without feeling rushed or having to worry about people walking into your photos and having to awkwardly ask them to move. I didn't experience the magic show so I can't comment to report back on that if that's what you're looking for.

I would recommend this pop-up for families and kids. It’s open for another week and a half so if you’re looking for some cute magic themed backdrops, definitely stop by. This would probably be cute for some magic themed cosplays as well, like Zatanna. The Magic Lab is located at 344 W 14th St, alongside the Highline neighborhood so there’s plenty to see and do around here, as well as places to eat nearby after you’re done.