Spring Fashion Staples

Florals for spring? Groundbreaking.

All joking aside, I do wear a lot of florals but I honestly wear them all year round. I want to focus on a few spring items that I’ve been in love with recently that you can find easily to freshen up your spring and summer wardrobe. And they don’t require breaking the bank for a whole new wardrobe or even if you just want to get a few new pieces here and there. And they can be easily incorporated into your summer closet as well! In recent years, New York’s spring season has only lasted for about a week on average. We shoot from 40s straight into 80s nowadays. Summer is well on its way but before it gets here.

  1. Straw boater hat - I’m loving this trend from the bloggers lately. They’re a little different from the regular straw floppy hat but something about them is really retro and cute. They make for a fun accessory in photos, as well as functional when Mr. Sun peeks his head out. I bought a bunch of different colored ribbons and bows from Walmart on the cheap (both ribbons and bows can be found in the craft section for $2!) and easily swap them out on my hat to coordinate with whatever color outfit I’m wearing for the day. I actually had a hard time looking for these hats last year but this summer looks like they’re coming into style. They have a few at Forever 21, Amazon, and Shein for a range of prices and slightly varied styles.

  2. Espadrilles - A classic sandal that will never go out of style. My best friend gifted me a pair of Jimmy Choo espadrilles when I graduated pharmacy school and I can tell you two things. First off, Jimmy Choo makes some good shit because I actually have worn them quite a few times since 2012 and they still look as amazing as they did when I first opened this box of my first ever designer shoes. The quality is amazing. Secondly, they still hold up to the test of time style-wise as they’ve been a part of so many different outfits and looks through the years. You can dress it up or down as they’re so versatile to a fun beachy look, casual stroll in the park or fancy brunch with the girls. And because this style is so popular, they come in a wide range of price points, from fast fashion brands to designer.

  3. Chinese umbrella - These are super cute to carry around and have for photos to match with your outfit as well as keep you out of the sun. They look fancy with any photo and they’re super cheap too for $5 in Chinatown, but can also be found on Amazon, and comes in a wide range of colors to match any cute spring outfit. I have one from years ago and started using them for shoots again and I’m wondering why I didn’t use this sooner as it’s such a great prop.

  4. Gingham - A classic that never goes out of style. It’s a busy yet simple print that photographs extremely well, always giving you a retro but classic look. I love all colors of gingham but I find primary colors are my favorites. I found this pretty red dress on Amazon and it comes in many classic colors as well. I’m loving gingham everything lately from dresses, tops, and cute sets. Whether you want to be girly in a dress or skirt, or a little more casual and tomboyish in a gingham print top or shorts, they’re always stylish.

  5. Yellow - I’ve been trying to wear more yellow recently. It’s such a pretty color when you can find it. Not that ugly mustard yellow but that bright sunshine yellow. It reminds me of the yellow dress Kate Hudson wore in How To Lose A Guy in 10 Days. It’s such an underrated color that you don’t see often. It’s really hard to shop for too but I’m consciously making an effort to try and find and incorporate more yellow into my wardrobe from cute tops to dresses and cute accessories. The right yellow will look beautiful on any skin tone, honestly.

Here are some looks from my recent fashion shoots, best viewed on a desktop to showcase the set of 3s. I realized I have no blues or greens in here. I want to do a shoot celebrating every color. Maybe I’ll work on that this summer.

What are some of your favorite staples for your signature spring looks?