OMG Dessert Goals

I didn't originally mean to attend OMG Dessert Goals til last minute, due to winning a pair of tickets literally 2 days before the event. Lately a lot of my adventures have been last minute, with invites dropping in my inbox with not enough heads up for me to plan them out, but my ambitiously forever gramming self ends up racing to do it all because some of these are such limited time events. Unfortunately I'm not a local NYC girl so it's not easy for me to get out there, which is why I limit my trips to the weekends I'm off work.

A lot of people wonder how I learn about a lot.of the pop-ups and events I attend. There's no secret. I simply switched gears and started following Instagrams that feature new pop-ups and new things to do in the city. Which is how I learned about OMG Dessert Goals. I knew about it from food bloggers but not the full extent of what it entailed. I never bought a ticket to it because I didn't know what I would be getting myself into and if it would be worth it. I entered a contest run by Fomofeed and got an email Friday morning that I won tickets into their Sunday morning slot. Looking at the lineup of vendors, I saw a few that were actually on my to-do list to try around the city, so I was excited to go and finally get to try these new desserts.

The one con I found about the event was how to get there. It wasn't exactly easy as it was in Long Island City and a lot of trains were either down or not operating on time that weekend. It was still a walk from the nearest station as well and it was a particularly cold day out. I noticed a lot of other attendees getting dropped off by Ubers. The location was in a big warehouse alongside the river, which was sketchy at first upon entering the area. My sisters and I all thought, is this where we come to die because we greedily wanted desserts?! Is this how we go?! Hansel and Gretel style? If it was a warmer day/season, the entrance may have been decorated a little nicer and further out to invite guests in but it was cold and windy by the water so the entrance was further in and hidden from the path in which you had to walk to get there.  BUT! Once inside, I am happy to report everything was fine and went well! There was a bit of a line to get in but in the waiting area there were a few cute walls and props to take photos while you waited. There was a cute photobooth with free Sparkling Ice water giveaways as well.

With your admission, you get a few free things. You get free water from Boxed Water, free candy from Sugarfina (They give you a small bag that you get to fill up at the candy bar, but honestly the bag they give you could’ve been bigger but maybe I’m just greedy. It was probably that size to keep the lines moving and keep people from staying there too long but there were only 3 candies to choose from so this could’ve been done better.), and free mochi from My/Mo Mochi ice cream. The free mochi was nice but there was only one flavor available - cookies and cream which is a generally well liked favor by the masses, but it would’ve been nice to have options to try something different.

In the vendor room, it was mayhem! But beautiful. There were so many people and so many beautiful desserts. There were lines everywhere. I scouted the room first to plan my attack.

I ended up trying quite a bit.

  1. ICE NY - They had a special rose lychee rolled ice cream special just for this event and it was delicious. I love anything rose and lychee flavored and it was totally grammable.

  2. Rebecca’s Cake Pops - These were the most adorable, cutest Instagrammable treat of the whole place! This booth easily had the longest line and you could tell it was a mom and pop run shop, with the parents taking orders as their children helped put together cute boxes for the treats to be packaged in. Regardless of the long line, they took their time and made sure every order was perfect and to your liking.

  3. Silk Cakes - I’ve seen these for a while now but the bakery is out of the way for me in Queens and I really hate going anywhere in Queens, honestly so I haven’t had a chance to try them so I was really excited they were a vendor here. Their cakes looked so perfect in real life and tasted so soft and mousse/cream-like. I hope they come to the next event!

  4. The Stackery - This was a new dessert I’ve never seen or heard of. At first I thought the cone was made of a sweet pastry-like dough but it was actually bread! It was a nice touch to the ice cream because it complemented the sweetness instead adding to it and making it too overly sweet. The vendors working the booth were absolutely sweet to us while putting together our order.

  5. Treat House - These were cute rice krispie treats decorated in the Halloween spirit. They were just too adorable and my sister bought a box of 6 of these to take home.

  6. Sugar & Water - I’ve seen their pretty glittery croissant donuts all over the gram. Another vendor I wanted to try but again, in Queens so it hindered me from visiting. Their pink dossant was as delicious as it was pretty.

  7. Kochin Desserts - Another brand new dessert I saw and was intrigued by so we obviously had to try. Flan, coffee ice cream, banana brulee, and coffee jelly, served with a Vietnamese espresso shot. It was quite a mix! I love desserts where there’s a little bit of everything. This was served in the cutest coconut shell too.

  8. Keki Modern Cakes - I’ve seen these all over but honestly I’d have to say this was a disappointment. They were selling by the slices so they didn’t jiggle as much as a full cake. Hype was gone.

Besides the booths, the event also had a few cute stations for your gramming needs. There was a bed, a cute pink room set up, and a balloon backdrop on the inside of the warehouse. Outside the event, towards the exit, were a few Instagrammable walls to serve as small backdrops for your dessert as well. I didn’t get to take photos of these as our time slot was coming to a close. Being my first time, I didn’t know to use my time more wisely to be able to gram it all. BUT, now I know for next time. Next to these walls, they also had a salt bar to help cleanse your palate in between desserts, with free snacks like pretzels, popcorn, and cheese balls. There was also a Zico bar with free samples of different flavors of coconut water.

All in all, I actually enjoyed this event a lot! I look forward to returning for the spring edition if they continue. When I go to comic conventions I’m always complaining about the lack of food vendors, the lack of variety and lack of cuteness. In reality, I just want to go to a food con. Like a big Costco where I go from booth to booth sampling food. This was pretty much that for desserts. I had a great time trying many different types of desserts and trying new things. The event was well put together, well organized and well executed. You can tell they put a lot of work into it with the decorations, backdrops and even thought of the Instagrammers. I would definitely recommend this if you’re a foodie as well as a #forthegram foodie. It’s worth the price of admission and worth your time.