I wrote this on Feb 5, 2010. 9 years ago.

I joke around all the time saying me and Dario are pretty much stuck with each other cause it's been quite a while. In truth, we've been through everything and are still not sick of each other yet. We fight like everyone does, we hurt each other's feelings, we make up, we go shopping, we sit at home and watch movies, we go on random ass trips with our friends, we sing ridiculous stupid songs about fireflies and bad romances in the car when the radio plays and we reenact Chris Brown and Rihanna sometimes (Me being Chris Brown of course. I am, after all, an angry Asian girl.)

 Through all the bullshit, we're still together. Sure we had our thoughts of what it would be like if we were in relationships with other people but when it comes down to it, we just work together. Balance, like yin and yang. I'm quick tempered, he's patient. I like pop music, he likes hip hop, ICP and all that other angry shit even though I'm probably more angsty than he is. He's laidback, I'm not so easygoing when it comes to wanting things to go a certain way. I'm girly and very structured in terms of getting up, getting ready for the day and then finally going out, while he's able to wake up, brush his teeth, put on clothes and head out the door. I wear heels, he rocks DCs. I like pink laptops, he likes motorcycles. I like vanilla lattes with whipped cream and caramel and he likes Monsters. You get the idea. 

It's been 7 years and 4 months to the day.


We even went to Vietnam and were stuck with each other for 3 weeks, constantly being by each other's side because we were pretty much all each other had in the country. Not one minute did we tire of each other(just the heat because it was like a bajillion degrees). 

I can't wait to finish school and start the next chapter of our lives together. Maybe with a cute mixed Asian baby down the road(and if it's a boy, I'm either sending it down the river in a basket or giving it to Christine). I want to travel the world and visit beautiful countries, all while holding his hand. I'll be there at my wedding in my short ass hoochie dress at the reception and he'll rock his DCs instead of dress shoes, with his Soap MacTavish mohawk. AND AIN'T NOBODY TELLING US WE CAN'T DO IT.

We're unique, we're crazy, and we're still madly in love after all these years. And if I could count 7th grade instead of 9th grade as where we started, I totally would. It didn't matter that we were in 7th grade and stupid and totally just being boyfriend and girlfriend because "everyone else was doing it." We accidentally fell in love and it just took 2 grades to figure it out, haha. 

My first boyfriend, my first kiss, my first real love, my first everything.

The trials of love come in every shape, form, test, trial, color, and emotion.


Looking back, it’s funny because at the time I thought we had been through everything. We had not. It was my naivety talking, and it’s been 9 years on top of those 7 years, and we’ve been through so much more. And yet, I’m sure it’s still only the tip of the iceberg. We learned more about each other as we encountered different types of fights and differences we had to battle through. We pushed boundaries and buttons and tested each other’s limits and insecurities. We hurt each other’s feelings. We apologized. We broke promises. We made new ones. We hurt each other constantly but we also love hard.

Love is not supposed to be easy. If it is, news flash, it’s fake.  It’s hard. It takes time, it takes work and it takes two. Both of you, every day. But you keep at it because you want to. No matter how hard it seems, you’re in it for the long haul because you still can’t get enough of each other. It’s magic.

Funny thing though, we’re still the same people we were years ago, and yet different. We still Netflix and chill like it’s our job when we do have time together. Our actual “us” time has become a smaller window compared to our lives years ago but when we do have time together, we still do the same dumb things. Shop, watch movies, take photos, take trips with friends and family.

We did everything I wrote back then that I wanted to do too, with the exception of the baby part since we’ve switched gears since then. Neither of us want to slow down yet with our selfishness and priorities in life yet to start that chapter. Last I wrote that note, we had just come back from Vietnam. Since then, we’ve conquered California, the Bahamas, Shanghai, Japan, and Paris. And Disneys, hahaha. There’s more I want to do and I’d rather finish off my travel bucket list first before committing to 18 years of no life, lol. I also want to be more financially responsible before we decide to have kids so I want to wait till my student loans are fully paid off so it’s going to be at least 3 more years.

We navigated buying our first home and being homeowners together. And repairing all the little mishaps that come with it along the way. We traveled to Paris on our own last year for the first time and navigated our way through a foreign country alone. It was scary at first but when I had a minute to take it all in, I realized how amazing it was. To be somewhere with your favorite person and for everything to fall into place. It’s really something else. There’s no one else I’d rather be trapped with.

That hasn’t changed still after all these years. I still want to travel the world and visit beautiful countries, all while holding his hand. We’re finally married and still madly in love and I can’t wait for even more chapters of my life to unfold as I write them.