Pumpkin Season

October is here! It’s the month I love the most because I always have a lot going on, from NYCC to my birthday to Halloween and everything else in between! Growing up I loved any excuse to dress up so when I discovered NYCC was simply more days of Halloween, I simply couldn’t say no to participating.

I also have both my dating and my wedding anniversary in the mix to add to the celebrations so literally everything I love happens in October. And this year I turn 30 so I’m basically taking the whole month to celebrate. Hopefully I find time to keep up with my blog during the month during the madness! I’m going to try and keep up so I don’t get backlogged.

I stopped by Harbes Farm last week to pick up a few pumpkins to decorate for my house. I started painting pumpkins a few years back and I do find that I enjoy it a lot, since I can’t carve for the life of me. Painting also helps them last longer as well so I can display these all through til Halloween and then some. Right now, pumpkins and apples are in season so there’s plenty to choose from, especially so early in the season. The farms even have fresh pumpkin ice cream which I really wanted to try but I’m currently focused on meeting my goals so I held back for right now. The cheat is not worth setting me back. Especially since NYCC is literally days away and I don’t want to compromise all my hard work.

Despite being a summer child, I do love fall fashion. I love wearing boots and I just got a new pair of thigh high boots that were on sale at Aldo and they look absolutely amazing on my now leaned out legs. I don’t feel like I’m trying to suffocate my calves anymore squeezing them into tall boots. And the leaning out helps make me appear taller on my 5’2” frame. I’m still wearing dresses and skirts regardless of what season it is, so they definitely look great with these boots. I’m looking to pick up some more cute long line sweaters and cardigans since I rarely wear sleeved tops. A simple witchy hat is also really cute for the fall season. I’m dying to wear all my cute black ankle boots too.

I love watching The Nightmare Before Christmas during Halloween time. It was one of the first movies me and my husband watched together when we started dating and I found it really cute that it was a love story. I’m also the weirdo that likes to watch Mean Girls all year round and it also happens to fall under the Halloween category for me in terms of movies, hahaha. Some of my favorite Halloween movies are actually not so ‘scary.’ I love Casper with Christina Ricci and the Casper and Wendy movie with Hilary Duff. Edward Scissorhands is also another one I’ve always loved for Halloween. Sleepy Hollow. The Craft. A Cinderella Story.

Also with October, we’re basically 2-3 months away from the end of the year! I’m excited because I feel like I did a lot this year. I can’t wait to reflect back and look at everything I’ve done and accomplished. BUT! The year’s not over just yet. Let’s see what more I can squeeze into these last few months. I want to finish strong! So far I’ve lost a total of 23 lbs. Twenty three pounds. I can’t believe I did it. I never thought I’d come this far honestly, considering how many times I’ve failed at my weight loss goals in the past. But you just pick yourself up and keep trying, right? And I’m so proud of myself for not only going below my college weight, but toning out my body to be in its best shape ever of my life. It’s been a really hard journey and a lot of work and determination. It was rough, not gonna lie. But it was definitely worth it. I love where I’m at right now and it really does help push me further and keep me focused.

How are you doing on your goals? Are you close to finishing? Did you grow this year? Did you work on yourself? What are you waiting for?!