Heavenly Bodies & Whipped Cream

The title sounds misleading, like this is a kinky sex post but I assure you it is not. Last week I visited the Heavenly Bodies exhibit at the Metropolitan Museum, and then saw the Whipped Cream ballet at the theater.

Was it a week ago? I feel like I just did this but this summer is flying by faster than I want it to! There's still so much I want to do before the year is over but 2018 is zooming by. It's funny because when I first started the year I felt like it would never be over as I was impatient to see my results from my gym sessions and nothing was happening. Now I feel like I'm forever running out of time as the year is nearing its end. Isn't life funnny that way? When you're having a shitty time, time is going by so slow. But when you're busy and life is going fine, it feels like it's going so fast. My wedding was this way. The planning process felt like years but the actual day itself was over in a blink of an eye. 

The Heavenly Bodies exhibit is a collection of many high end fashion designers and their take on Catholic fashion. It premiered at the Met Gala earlier this year and is now on display for the public to view. It's actually very stunning and beautiful. I wish it was less crowded so I could've taken better photos of the dresses but it is still the Met museum and it's still the summer, despite that I went on a weekday and nearing closing. Plus it's a popular exhibit since it's a limited run. 

I'm not big on religion personally but I'm still a big fashion geek so I love seeing exhibitions like this. The detail, the color, the quality, the draping, the texture, the design. Man, it makes me hate my parents all over again for not allowing me to go to fashion school. But alas, I live it through my daily life with my self expression through my personal style. 

The Met is also my favorite museum. It's so big and grand and there's so much to see that I have never been able to explore the whole museum. And there's so much always changing. There's so many different things too from all over the world in there, so much culture and so much beauty. It's also a great museum because it's donation based for your ticket fare. You pay what you want, and of course, being a New Yorker and a thrifty college student still at heart, you know there's no way I'm paying full sticker price. Although it looks like until recently, now it's a "pay as you please" policy is only for residents in the tri-state area and you have to show ID. In the past, I simply just stated what I wanted to pay for my ticket and they didn't check any identification. But if you're there with a local resident, they can certainly buy your ticket for you if that helps at all. I highly recommend this museum if you're visiting from out of town and you love art and museums. My other favorite in NYC is the Museum of Natural History, which is also a donation based museum. This is a big fan favorite for kids too.

Later that evening, I attended the ballet to see Whipped Cream. This was my second ballet, my first being Romeo and Juliet back in February for a friend's birthday. I enjoyed Whipped Cream much more because it was simply pure eye candy. The costumes, the sets, the colors, the beauty! It was a candyland ballet. I wish I could dance so gracefully but alas, it is not in the cards. Something like that is usually practiced from a very young age, mixed with talent. I don't have the patience nor talent for something like that.

Whipped Cream is a really cute and whimsical ballet that reminded me of something between Alice in Wonderland and The Nutcracker. It's a story of a young boy obsessed with whipped cream so much that he gets sick from eating so much of it and fantasizes of a dreamworld candy wonderland. This is his escape where all things sweet come to life to rescue him from his nightmarish reality. For a boy though, he sure has a really pretty and girly fantasy world, hahaha.

My coworker saw Swan Lake a week prior to this and said that was beautiful too. Hopefully I can catch that next time they have it at the theater. Unfortunately, Whipped Cream had a very limited run in New York so if you missed it, just cross your fingers they come back. It's definitely worth a viewing. This day was a day all about the arts! I hope to explore more about art and theater in NYC soon and for years to come. So far this year I knocked off my goal of seeing a Broadway show and a ballet. My last is to see an opera!