Breakfast At Tiffany's

I’ve been wanting to dine here since it opened last year. Unfortunately upon it’s debut, there was a lot of wrong information given out on how to get a table. At first we were told it’s first come, first serve only - no reservations. And then when we stopped by with the intent on waiting it out for a table, we were then told it was reservations only. And after that, we realized reservations are very hard to come by and they’re snatched up as soon as they open up. Harder than trying to buy NYCC tickets, actually. You have to wake up and be on the website on the dot when those reservations open up, which are 30 days in advance. Well, that’s what my sister ended up doing to snag a reservation for me so that we could finally try it out.

Reservations are only available through to The Blue Box Cafe with a max of 4 guests. When we got there, we discovered why. The actual cafe is very small, ironically, even though it’s inside Tiffany’s flagship store on 5th avenue, which could very easily have more tables if they wanted to devote more space to it. But I guess this is how they retain its exclusivity and elitism.

Although honestly, walking into this reservation, I did not have high expectations of the food. I knew from the get go from other reviews and food blogs I follow that this wasn’t a place you come to for the food. You come for the experience and for the gram. And that’s what it was. It was beautiful for the gram. Every girl in that room was there to take photos with their boyfriend or their friend. To live out that same Breakfast at Tiffany’s dream.

We ordered and sampled a bit of everything on the menu, from the breakfast, lunch, tea tower, different teas, and the Tiffany box Celebration cake. The food was okay but nothing to rave about. I did enjoy my tea however, the White Wedding, a white tea blend of Chinese white peony and jasmine teas, lavender, rose petals and orange blossoms. It was light and sweet and for once I think I nearly drank the whole pot! The tea tower was so pretty and grammable but the food was disappointing. The sandwiches themselves didn’t taste that fresh and sweets, I wasn’t too crazy about. The Celebration cake was really pretty and presented to me with a silver candle, as another birthday cake to add to my count. The cake itself, however, a little lackluster. Both icing layers and cake layers were dense and too much. I like my cakes a little fluffier, fresher and a light sweet taste. It was cute to see how they cut it though and view the cross section of the cake. It’s one of those aesthetically pleasing things.

All in all, I’d say this is a one and done experience. I’m glad I finally got to do it and experience it for myself to make up my own mind about it. There wasn’t a “hype” so I can’t say it lived up to anything, but it was beautiful to sit in and finally just be there. I always love visiting Tiffany’s so while I may not be returning to the Blue Box Cafe, I’ll always be visiting the store here and there to browse new pieces of jewelry.

The movie itself was actually not an influence on me but rather the Gossip Girl books, funny enough. I read them growing up and then loved the show when it came out. Blair Waldorf’s character is one of my favorites and her love for that movie is really cute. And when I grew up enough to actually see what it was all about, I did like the jewelry, and as I grow older, they appeal more and more to me. Tiffany’s is timeless and classic. Their pieces I’ve found go with almost anything I wear. They may be basic sometimes but sometimes that’s all you need. A quick simple basic piece to complete an outfit. I bought and splurged on a pair of pearl earrings years ago to treat myself from CVS depression and they’re my favorite pair of earrings, despite how simple they are. They simply just go with everything and always look classic.

And their service has been impeccable. Somehow I’ve had to repair my earrings a few times over the years (the pearl would fall off the post on one) and every time Tiffany would fix and live up to its service expectations. Everyone has been nice and understanding and patient. I’ve never felt Pretty Womaned in that store. And the service department is just cute. They even take your drink order while you wait. And the drink waiters are cute boys in suits!

Tiffany has also recently launched a new “home” line with everyday ordinary items for purchase. Obviously they’re all overpriced bougie items but it’s still really cute to view. A lot of them were on display on the 4th floor where the cafe we dined was located. The Tiffany luggages were so cute but I know they’re a waste for me since I’d never be able to fit my travel in there. I always pack way more than those small luggages can fit. Their baby line is also adorable with that bear. Maybe one day when I have money to just throw away, hahaha. And on a child, no doubt. That’ll be the day. Bougie baby. My baby would be bad and bougie.

Anyway, in conclusion, if you’re interested in visiting the Blue Box Cafe, just know this is definitely one of those places you go for the experience and decor, not the food. And you’ll have a good experience. Just make sure you bring a friend who’s great at taking photos for you for the gram so you don’t waste it. Because if you didn’t gram it, it never happened, right?